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Have you ever had limited strategies when you want to perform WGBS on your precious samples with very little amount? Now, the difficulties can be solved by Novogene. We are now offering WGBS service with comprehensive methyl-ation analysis for low input samples.

Service Highlights

Optimized protocol for
low input samples.
PE150 reads from Illumina
Low input with multiple
sample types using Post-
Bisulfite Adaptor Tagging method.
Comprehensive methylation
analysis pipeline at single
base resolution.

Sample Requirements

gDNA:100 ngvolume>20 μL

FFPE DNA:100 ngvolume>20 μL

cfDNA:20 ngvolume>20 μL

Novogene Advantages

Scalable capacity
of sequencing
High quality data
with ideal price
data analysis

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