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Technology: Platform

Lab Platform

Novogene has genomic sequencing labs in the US at The University of California at Davis campus, China, Singapore and the UK (Cambridge), with a total area of nearly 20,000 ㎡, including a 2,000 ㎡ GMP facility and a 2,000 ㎡ clinical laboratory.

Novogene UC Davis Sequencing Center was founded in early 2016, equipped with the NovaSeq 6000, HiSeq X Ten, and HiSeq 4000 sequencing platforms to serve customers in North and South America. Next generation sequencing services and analysis of human, plant, and animal samples are offered for both research and clinical purposes.

Novogene Cambridge Genomic Sequencing Centre, the first European sequencing centre of Novogene Europe, was established at Babraham Research Campus in May 2018, and relocated to Cambridge Science Park in August 2019 due to rapid business expansion. The Centre is now equipped with automatic workstations, multiple NovaSeq 6000s, and High-Performance Computing Clusters.

Novogene has successfully established a CAP-accredited medical lab in Tianjin, China. This world class facility enables us to provide high-quality clinical sequencing services globally. The Tianjin lab also provides solutions to test liquid biopsy samples using Novogene’s digital PCR platform. In partnership with AITbiotech, Novogene has also launched a genomics center in Singapore to deliver NGS services in Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa

Sequencing Platform

Computing Platform

Our supercomputing capability allows us to analyze 280,000 whole human genomes per month. This capability aligns with our unsurpassed NGS capacity, enabling us to run many projects of different sizes and still deliver the data to our customers in a timely fashion. Our state-of-the-art platform is comprised of DELL computing nodes with total memory of 410 TB, computing power of up to 1,727 T flops, and Isilon storage capacity of 62 PB. Our storage capacity can expand as our needs grow, ensuring our customers’ data is backed up and available as needed.