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Nanopore PromethION System and Applications

Oxford Nanopore Technologies offers real-time, long-read, direct and large-scale sequencing of DNA or RNA. Novogene acquired Nanopore PromethION System, the most updated version of Nanopore sequencers with the highest throughput, in 2018. The PromethION system sequences DNA or RNA by Nanopore reader proteins embedded in an electrically resistant membrane. Ultra-long reads span repeat regions in complicated genomes easily, and enhance accuracy of genome assembly and large structure variation detection enormously.

Oxford Nanopore PromethION System at Novogene

Nanopore Sequencing Advantages

Ultra-long reads – up to 2 Mb
High yields for large genomes
Direct DNA/RNA sequencing without extra labeling
REAL Real-time
Accessible for flexible budgets

Major Applications of Nanopore PromethION System

De novo genome assembly for plants and animals
Large SV detection