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Intelligent Delivery Platform

Novogene provides ultra fast turnaround time from sample collection to data releasing via fully automated Intelligent Delivery Platforms.

Novogene Falcon is the first flexible and intelligent multi-product fully automated delivery platform for high-throughput Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) in the world. This platform represents a breakthrough in traditional NGS. It helps further define the NGS standard in the industry and drive the healthy and orderly development of the NGS ecosystem. Besides, it will be able to provide more intelligent, more efficient and more reliable services for customers, to meet their diverse needs for sequencing.


Setting a benchmark for NGS with more intelligent technologies

Falcon as an intelligent delivery platform further optimizes NGS procedures. It’s an exclusive intelligent solution from Novogene based on the company’s multiple years of expertise, which is designed to avoid manual error and eliminate the collaboration islands in NGS operations, to enable intelligent operations from sample extraction and quality control, library preparation, library quality control, library pooling, and all the way to bioinformatics analysis.

With the smart solution provided by the automated task scheduler of the system, Falcon is able to realize the concurrent delivery of five product types (WGS, amplicons, WES, RNA-seq, and library construction) and significantly improve the delivery cycle and data quality. In the future, more product types will be covered.

At the same time, based on efficient data transmission and machine recognition, Falcon also enables the precise control, real-time monitoring and dynamic optimization of all production units, to ensure 24/7 uninterrupted smart operations.

Creating a breakthrough delivery cycle and scale with a higher efficiency

The advantage of Falcon is its high efficiency. With its pioneering automated intelligent procedures, the intelligent delivery platform processes samples much more efficiently compared with the traditional human-assisted, single-process and semi-automated production lines. It can process 3350 full-process samples a day and reduce production cycle by 60% on average. Meanwhile, thanks to its fully automated design, it ensures efficient 24-hour operations and guarantees the production cycle of major projects in all dimensions. In the RNA-seq library construction project of a research institute, for example, there are 500 standard samples, it takes 16 days from library construction to data delivery using the traditional method, but Falcon can do it in 90 hours as ultimate turnaround time. While increasing efficiency for product processing, Falcon can further improve the efficiency of manpower management, reduce labor cost by 70%, but double the system’s output stability.

Ensuring a reliable quality with a more stable performance

The intelligent delivery platform, with its fully automated and intelligent production line, can guarantee extremely high reliability and stability end-to-end. The platform uses machine to analyze and differentiate samples without human intervention. This can avoid contamination and ensure accuracy in the sequencing process to the maximum extent possible, so the accuracy can be up to 99.99%.

Falcon adopts two quality control steps: one is in the sample extraction step, and the other is in the library quality control step. It automatically chooses and matches the corresponding standards for different products, and simultaneously performs data recognition and diagnosis. All the sequencing results are evaluated by machine to ensure objectivity and effectiveness to the maximum extent possible. In combination with a stable production process, this helps to increase the pass rate of NGS library construction by 5% for Novogene.

In addition, after all the samples to be tested have entered the intelligent delivery platform, a unique tracking code will be generated for each of them, to make the entire production process traceable. The progress of a project can be checked at any time on consumers’ end.