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Illumina Systems

We use the best technology from the world’s leader in NGS systems, Illumina, in our state-of-the-art sequencing centers in California (USA), China, and Singapore. With a fleet of HiSeq X and NovaSeq 6000 instruments, Novogene offers most advanced Illumina sequencing capacities in the world, capable of sequencing 280,000 whole human genomes per year.

illumina CSPRO
As an Illumina Certified Provider, our NGS collection consists of a variety of Illumina systems for maximum flexibility. The array of systems and chemistries gives us the ability to analyze a customer’s needs, determine the best suited system to meet those needs, and deliver the best possible results for their research. Our assembly of Illumina systems includes:

NovaSeq 6000 —– NEW!

NovaSeq 600
Introduced by Illumina in January 2017, the NovaSeq Series provides tremendous scalability and flexibility to accommodate diverse applications and project sizes, for virtually any sequencing method, genome, and scale of project. The NovaSeq system extends services previously unavailable on HiSeq X Ten, such as expression profiling, whole transcriptome analysis, microbial genome, exome, low pass WGS, etc., while accommodating rapid turnaround, flexible configurations and cost effectiveness. The addition of these NovaSeq sequencers not only expands Novogene’s sequencing capacity, but also greatly reduces our sequencing cycle times. With the NovaSeq, we are able to sequence up to 48 human whole genomes and produce 6Tb of data per single run as short as 40 hours. We also upgraded our data storage and computing power to match NovaSeq’s high capacity and efficiency.

System specifications: 167Gb – 6Tb output range, 1.6 – 20 B reads per run, and 2 x 150 bp max read length

HiSeq X

HiSeq X
The HiSeq X System is the world’s first to break the $1000 genome barrier for human whole genome sequencing (WGS). By providing ultra-high throughput and a low price point per genome, the HiSeq X System provides an opportunity to reshape the economics and scale of WGS for both human and non-human species. The HiSeq X System is especially powerful for population-scale WGS. Equipped with the powerful Illumina HiSeq X systems, Novogene is capable of sequencing up to 54,000 human genomes per year. Being one of the first few companies adopting HiSeq X Ten since early 2014, we have extensive experience providing whole genome sequencing service on this powerful system, having successfully sequenced tens of thousands of genomes with high quality results.

System specifications: 1.6 – 1.8 Tb output range, 5.3 – 6 B reads per run, and 2 x 150 bp max read length

HiSeq 4000

HiSeq 4000
The HiSeq 4000 Sequencing System builds on the proven performance of the HiSeq 2500 System and leverages the patterned flow cell technology of the ultra-high-throughput HiSeq X Systems to deliver high sequencing speed and performance. Featuring high coverage, fast turnaround times, and the flexibility to process various sample types, the HiSeq 4000 System provides a multi-application solution for production-scale genomic laboratories, especially ideal for performing high-throughput exome or transcriptome sequencing projects quickly and economically.

The HiSeq 4000 System can sequence up to 12 genomes, 100 transcriptomes, or 96 exomes in fewer than 3.5 days. This high capacity means more samples can be sequenced simultaneously at a greater depth, generating rich and meaningful data.

System specifications: 105 – 1500 Gb output range, 2.1 M – 5 B reads per run, and 2 x 150 bp max read length