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Service Workflow FAQs

Where is your company located?

From our headquarters in Beijing to our branches in Hong Kong, the U.S. and U.K., Novogene is committed to quality service and scientific excellence.

We have state-of-the-art sequencing centers in California in the U.S. and in Tianjin, China. Our U.S. headquarters is located in San Diego, California.

Do you have a USA location where samples can be shipped? Where do you conduct the sample QC?

Yes. You can ship samples to our US sequencing center in Sacramento, California. The address is as follows:

ATTN: Sample Receiving Department
Novogene Corporation
2921 Stockton Blvd.
Suite 1810
Sacramento, CA 95817
Tel: 916-701-5130

Currently, we perform sample QC tests in California, USA or in Tianjin, China, depending on which location your samples will be sequenced. We recommend all US and Canadian customers to ship samples to our California lab, and we will arrange for sample shipment to China, if needed.

How do I ship my samples to China? (for customers outside of North America)

Novogene has abundant experience in the delivery of samples to China from worldwide locations, and we have a straightforward delivery process. When you prepare to send samples, please fill out the Sample Information Form carefully so that we receive complete and accurate information on your samples. For more detailed information, please see our Sample Pre-QC and Shipping Instructions.

What is your service workflow?

Once your samples arrive at our laboratory, sample quality control testing will be started immediately. However, library construction and sequencing will begin only after we receive your Purchase Order (PO). After your project is completed, an invoice will be sent to you via email. Please follow the instructions on the invoice for payments.

How do I pay for your sequencing services?

Novogene accepts three payment methods, as follows:

  1. Via electronic transfer. Bank account information will be shown on the invoice.
  2. By credit card. Please note that there is a credit card processing fee.
  3. By check. Mail your check directly to our US office at the address below:
    Novogene Corporation Inc.
    8801 Folsom Blvd #290,
    Sacramento, CA 95826, U.S.A.

Will Novogene maintain the data obtained from my samples confidentially and securely?

At Novogene, we place the highest priority on the confidentiality and security of your data and intellectual property. As an established private company, maintaining the integrity of our customers’ data is critical to our business. To date, more than 6,000 customers have placed their confidence in us to process their data securely. Per our policies, your data will not be disclosed to any other parties or organizations without your authorization and will be deleted from our databases within a specified period following delivery to you. Upon request, we will provide you with a written agreement that has clearly defined terms of confidentiality.

What methods can be used to send DNA and RNA samples?

You have the following options for shipping DNA samples:

  1. The DNA can be lyophilized for shipping at room temperature.
  2. Samples can be packed with ice packs/blue ice.
  3. Best method: pack samples in dry ice, using sufficient dry ice to allow for the consumption (sublimation) of 5 kg per day, through FedEx or other carrier of choice.

You have the following options for shipping RNA samples:

  1. Lyophilize the RNA before shipping at 2-8 °C or at room temperature.
  2. Pack samples in dry ice, using sufficient dry ice to allow for the consumption (sublimation) of 5 kg per day, through FedEx or other carrier of choice.
  3. Stabilize RNA using RNAlater® (for tissue samples) or RNAstable® (for extracted RNA samples) and ship at room temperature.

What other types of samples do you accept? Can I send tissues or body fluids for you to perform the DNA/RNA extractions?

We provide DNA/RNA extraction services for tissues or body fluids. However, we encourage you to send us purified DNA or RNA samples. If you have a need for DNA/RNA extractions, please contact your Novogene representative to discuss your specific needs.

Which couriers do you recommend for shipping samples to you?

For US domestic shipping, we recommend FedEx (fedex.com) and UPS (ups.com).

For international shipping, we recommend FedEx (fedex.com), (ups.com), DHL (dhl.com), TNT (tnt.com), USPS (usps.com). Please choose the “priority” option for international shipments. No matter which courier you choose, please select a reliable one and make sure that the courier can facilitate the import of DNA or RNA, and dry ice packaging (if applicable), into China. For more details, please see the Sample Preparation & Shipping page.

What are your platforms for sequencing?

The sequencing platforms used at Novogene include Illumina NovaSeq 6000, HiSeq X Ten, HiSeq 4000, HiSeq2500/HiSeq2000, NextSeq500, and PacBio Sequel. These platforms can produce high quality data using different sequencing strategies, and are tailored to meet the diverse needs (library types, read length, throughput, turnaround time and cost) of scientific research and applications.

We have more advanced sequencing capacity in the world, including the NovaSeq 6000, HiSeq X, and PacBio Sequel instruments at our US and China labs. The sequencing platforms used at our California sequencing center include NovaSeq 6000, HiSeq X, and HiSeq 4000.

How do I obtain the data after the project is completed?

We offer three options for data delivery:

  1. Hard drive/U-disk sent via FedEx air transportation
  2. Data download through our secure FTP server
  3. Amazon cloud data download

When the sequencing is completed, can you return the remainder of the samples to me?

Yes, if you pay the freight charge, we can return the remainder of the samples to you.

When the sequencing is completed, can you return the remainder of the libraries to me?

If the libraries have been constructed by Novogene, we do not return the remainder of the libraries.