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Customer Support Overview

Novogene - Customer SupportNovogene is customer-success focused. Customer success begins with the design of the project, the efficient execution of the project, analysis of the data and supporting the customer to ensure that the data and reports generated meet their needs. To achieve all of these goals we have teams for each project who work with the customer to ensure that we understand their needs and meet them to the customer’s satisfaction. At Novogene we consider a successful project to be one in which we have generated publication-ready data efficiently, effectively in a rapid time-frame and gives our customers what they need to aid in the research success.

Our People:

Novogene’s scientific and support team is staffed with professionals. Our team members have advanced degrees and are highly experienced in the design and completion of NGS projects of all types. Having joined us with academic and professional experiences focused on NGS, they bring extensive experience and knowledge that enable us to provide the best in support. Our data analysis team (11% of our scientific staff and Standard Samples Automatic Bioinformatics Analysis System) is highly trained and proficient in bioinformatics analysis of DNA-Seq and RNA-Seq data of all types from multiple species.

Our Process:

  • In the design and development phase of your project, a team consisting of a Project Manager and Technical Support persons will work to ensure that we understand your needs and design the project to meet those needs.
  • During the project, the Project Manager and scientific team work closely to ensure that the project proceeds as expected/needed and keeps you updated. At each step along the way, you will be contacted by Novogene and given the status of your project and its disposition.
  • After completion of the project we continue to support your needs via scientists at Novogene who are available to answer your questions and assist you in reviewing the information that we have generated. Our support scientists will give you feedback on any inquiry that you have within 24 hours and we provide support on your project for up to one year from project completion.

Our Scientific and Support Team works to ensure your satisfaction and the success of your project. Our Customer Success Focus is a significant strength of our company.

“We did whole genome sequencing plus advanced bioinformatics analysis using Novogene earlier this year. I am very satisfied with their professional, skillful and high-quality services. In particular, the bioinformatics knowledge and expertise in the project team were very impressive. They provided great support, rapid turn-around, and pricing that enables us to do more science with our limited budget. I really appreciate their willingness and ability to explore more advanced bioinformatics analysis to meet the specific requirements of my projects. With these in mind, I have initiated two additional RNA-Seq projects with them and recommended two collaborators to use Novogene’s sequencing service.”

Wenhui Hu, M.D., Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Department of Neuroscience Temple University School of Medicine, Philadelphia, USA

“I am extremely satisfied with the quality and turn-around of the WGS results Novogene delivered. They have outstanding informatics/analysis, highly responsive and effective support, advanced Illumina technology (such as the X Ten), all at highly competitive prices.”

Justin Loe
CEO, Full Genomes Corporation, Maryland USA