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Human Whole Exome Sequencing and
Analysis Now $499/sample

Comprehensive solution includes exome capture, library preparation,
sequencing and bioinformatics analysis

Novogene Advantage

novogene advantage

Novogene, a world leader in NGS services, is now offering human whole exome sequencing, including exome capture with state-of-the-art Agilent SureSelect Human All Exon V5/V6 Kit, library preparation, Illumina sequencing and bioinformatics analysis for just $499 per sample.*

Whether you are conducting studies in rare Mendelian disorders, complex disease and cancer research, or human population studies, Novogene’s comprehensive human whole exome sequencing service provides a high-quality, affordable and convenient solution.

“I have been getting great results with Novogene NGS for a wide variety of samples; ranging from highly degraded, ancient animal DNA samples to longer, fresh human DNA samples. Their rapid turn-around time keeps our projects moving at a fast pace and they have quick-to-respond, expert support when required.”
—— Dr. Tim Heupink, Griffith University, Australia

Bioinformatics analysis includes:

• Data quality control: filtering reads containing adapter or with low quality

• Alignment with reference; statistics for sequencing depth and coverage

• SNP/InDel calling, statistics and annotation

• Somatic SNP/InDel calling, statistics and annotation (paired tumor samples)

*Promotion Terms:

Promotion ends December 31, 2015. Minimum order of 20 samples required.

• Samples should arrive at Novogene site within one month after completion of contract.

(Prepayment of 80% of total contract amount is necessary to reserve the promotion price if the sample cannot arrive at Novogene site within one month.)

• Turnaround time may vary depending on sample quantity and data delivery methods. The promised turnaround time includes bioinformatics analysis and starts when samples successfully pass QC.

• Data can be delivered by secure FTP, USB-stick and hard disk drive.

Novogene –

Your Partner for Human Whole Exome Sequencing and Analysis

Novogene is a leading provider of genomic services and solutions with leading edge NGS and bioinformatics expertise that enables our customers to achieve their research goals. We possess one of the largest NGS capacities in the world, enabling us to deliver publication-ready data rapidly at highly competitive pricing. Novogene has a large installed base of advanced Illumina technology and is the first company in China to purchase Illumina’s HiSeq X Ten system. Having completed nearly 10,000 projects and sequenced 140,000-plus samples for more than 6,000 global customers, and with more than 100 research articles published in top-ranked journals such as Nature and Science, Novogene offers a track record of performance and reliability.

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