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Pre-made Library Sequencing

Pre-made Library Sequencing

With our world-leading capacity, including the Illumina, Pacbio and Oxford nanopore platform, we are able to provide pre-made library sequencing service at highly competitive and cost-effective prices.


  • State-of-the-art NGS technologies: Novogene is a world leader in sequencing capacity using state-of-the-art technology, including Illumina HiSeq X, NovaSeq 6000 Systems, Pacbio sequel II and Oxford nanopore promethION Beta.
  • Highest data quality: We guarantee a Q30 score ≥ 80%, exceeding Illumina’s official guarantee of ≥75%.
  • Extensive experience: We have completed over 2000+ re-sequencing projects, and our data has been published in many noteworthy journals.

Sample Requirements

Platform Data Amount Volume Requirement*
Illumina Platforms
HiSeq System, Paired-end 150
< 20 G ≥ 15 μL
20G <X ≤ 50G ≥ 25 μL
50G<X< 120G ≥ 45 μL
Lane Sequencing ≥ 20ul/lane (additional 10μL for one more lane)
NovaSeq System, Paired-end 150
< 20 G ≥ 15μL
30G <X ≤ 100G ≥ 25 μL
100G <X<400G ≥ 50 μL
Lane Sequencing ≥ 50 μL/lane (additional 40ul for one more lane)
NovaSeq System, Paired-end 250, Paired-end 50, Paired-end 50
X ≤ 20M ≥ 15 μL
20M<X ≤ 50M ≥ 25 μL
50M< X <150M* ≥ 50 μL
Lane Sequencing ≥ 100 μL/lane (additional 100ul for one more lane)