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[Webinar] Single Cell Sequencing: Sample Preparation

28 Sep 2021
[Webinar] Single Cell Sequencing: Sample Preparation

Xiao Hui Man, PhD Scientific Application Manager Novogene AMEA Caroline Chan, PhD Staff Field Applications Scientist 10x Genomics Sen Wong, PhD Product and Technical Application Specialist Miltenyi Biotec Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd

Sample preparation is one of the most challenging and demanding processes in single cell experiments. The complexities in managing single cell suspension on tissue types and preservation of samples are crucial aspects for reliable single cell analysis.

In this webinar, learn more about the single cell sequencing services from Novogene and understand the challenges and limitations of performing single cell RNA seq. Together with 10x Genomics and Miltenyi, we will discuss the techniques and best practices to help you optimize single cell sample preparations for a reliable single cell analysis.

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