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NovoFocus NSCLC CDxThe PacBio Sequel System is the newest Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT) Sequencing platform that provides ultra-long sequencing reads with high consensus accuracy, uniform coverage, and simultaneous epigenetic characterization at single-molecule resolution. The PacBio Sequel System provides 7x more throughput, more scalability, and lower sequencing costs than the PacBio RS II System, while maintaining the same benefits.

The PacBio Sequel System provides unmatched sequencing depths for genomes, transcriptomes and epigenomes. Novogene’s superior high-performance computing and data analysis platform enables high-standard complex genome assembly and fast data analysis.

SMRT Sequencing Advantages

  • Long average read lengths: Average >10kb, some reads >60kb
  • High consensus accuracy: Consensus accurary > 99.999%
  • Uniform coverage: No amplification required and even coverage across GC content
  • Simultaneous epigenetic characterization: Directly detect DNA modifications using polymerase kinetics
  • Single-molecule resolution: Circular Consensus Sequencing (CCS) produces high intra-molecular consensus accuracy

Human Whole Genome Resequencing

Novogene offers human whole genome resequencing services with PacBio Sequel at multiple coverage levels, providing comprehensive solutions for disease studies. The PacBio Sequel system generates more complete and accurate human whole genome sequences than short reads sequencing, especially in highly polymorphic and highly repetitive regions. It also detects novel variations in chromosomal structural variants and fusion genes, showing the full spectrum of all variant types, such as copy number variations (CNV), single nucleotide variations (SNV), and insertions/deletions (InDel).

Isoform Sequencing (Iso-Seq)

Accurately characterizing the diverse landscape of transcript isoforms generates key information for understanding the functional biology of genomes, however, assembling complete transcripts has been challenging. Isoform sequencing (Iso-Seq™), based on the PacBio SMRT technology, provides full-length reads spanning entire transcript isoforms from the polyA-tail to the 5′ end, with no assembly needed. Iso-Seq is ideal for improving annotations in reference genomes, for characterizing gene isoforms, alternative splicing and gene fusion events, as well as for complementing short/incomplete transcripts.

With the largest Illumina and SMRT sequencing capacity in the world, Novogene offers complete solutions for full-length transcript sequencing using combined Illumina and PacBio Sequel platforms. Illumina short reads are further mapped against the full-length transcripts generated from Sequel for error correction and for more accurate quantification analysis.

To learn more about our Illumina-based transcriptome sequencing services, please see mRNA sequencing, FFPE RNA sequencing and small RNA sequencing.

Service Overview

Sequencing Strategy

  • 3 libraries: 1-2K, 2-3K and 3-6K OR customized according to your species of interest
  • PacBio Sequel system

Data Quality Guarantee

  • Guaranteed 5G, 10G, or 20G data package, based on project design

Sample Requirements

  • Total RNA amount: ≥ 10 μg; RNA concentration: ≥ 200 ng/μl
  • RIN value ≥ 8.0
  • No degradation, no DNA contamination

Turnaround Time

  • Within 12 weeks from verification of sample quality with data analysis

Analysis Pipeline

Pipeline for transcriptome analysis

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