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NovoFocus NSCLC CDxNovogene uses the best technology from the world’s leader in NGS systems, Illumina, in our state-of-the-art sequencing centers in California (USA), China, and Singapore. With a fleet of HiSeq X and NovaSeq 6000 instruments, we offer the largest and most advanced Illumina sequencing capacities in the world, capable of sequencing 280,000 whole human genomes per year.

Our library construction sequencing services offer customers the choice of providing either qualified samples for library construction and sequencing afterwards, or qualified libraries for sequencing only. With the largest sequencing capacity, we provide diversified platforms and strategies for library construction and sequencing with guaranteed high data quality.

Sequencing Platform Sequencing Strategy Output Quantity Q20 Q30 Library Compatibility
NovaSeq 6000 S2 reagent: PE50/PE100/PE150
S4 reagent: PE150
S2 reagent: 1.2T/flowcell
S4 reagent: 3.3T/flowcell
85% 80% Whole Genome library, Transcriptome library, Exome library, 10X library
HiSeq X Ten PE150 120G/lane 85% 80%
HiSeq 4000 PE150 90G/lane 90% 85% Whole Genome library, Transcriptome library, Exome library

Turnaround Time

21 Days 15 Days 3.5 Days Ultrafast 10 Days Ultrafast
Novogene Library Construction Sequencing Self-Library Construction Sequencing Self-Library Construction
NovaSeq Sequencing
Self-Library Construction
HiSeq X Ten Lane Sequencing

NovaSeq Results Presentation:

Sample Raw Base (bp) Clean Base (bp) Effective Rate (%) Error Rate (%) Q30 (%)
Nova001 48,489,166 48,347,720 99.71 0.03 92.59
Nova002 50,864,185 50,672,933 99.62 0.02 93.26

HiSeq X Ten Results Presentation:

Sample Raw Base (bp) Clean Base (bp) Effective Rate (%) Error Rate (%) Q30 (%)
X001-L1 24,894,052 24,670,847 99.10 0.03 92.53
X002-L5 24,010,638 23,764,677 98.98 0.03 92.80
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