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The rapid advancement of related technologies and dramatic decrease in cost has led next-generation sequencing (NGS) to become a powerful tool for the research and development of medicines by the pharmaceutical industry. From the study of biological mechanisms to the search for predictive biomarkers to the screening of target patients for clinical trials, NGS is increasingly employed in applications of precision medicine. Furthermore, the recent FDA approvals of MSK-IMPACT and F1CDx represent a historical step forward in the application of NGS in clinical diagnosis. Some new treatment modalities (e.g. personalized cancer vaccine) may have even higher demand for NGS.

As the world’s leading-edge NGS service provider, Novogene recognizes this trend and now offers our pharma clients several key clinical-grade assays in our CAP-accredited lab in China and our US lab, which has been CLIA-certified since March 2018. Our labs follow strict quality control standards to ensure successful sequencing and data quality. Additional assays will be added to the list as they are developed and validated. We are fully committed to helping you meet your drug R&D goals with our unparalleled scale, efficiency, quality, and price.

Watch the video below to learn more about our state-of-the-art sequencing facilities and discover how our genomics solutions can empower your research.