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Novogene Webinar Survey

Thank you for attending our webinar! We hope it has provided you with valuable information.

In order to better serve you, we would appreciate your feedback about your experience with our webinar. Please select the statements that best apply to you and feel free to leave any comments. Thank you.

Principal InvestigatorResearcher (PostDoc, Research Associate, Lab Technician etc.)Lab ManagerClinician/Physician/SurgeonOthers (please specify)

Registration process was confusingWebinar time in respective time zones was not clearAudio quality was not greatCouldn't use the interaction tools - e.g. chatboxOthers (please specify)

Very informativeModerately informativeNot very informative

Very clearModerately clearNot very clear

Too simpleJust rightToo complex

Very likelyMaybeNot likelyOther (Comments)

Human whole genome/exome sequencingEukaryotic transcriptome sequencingPlant/Animal whole genome sequencingMicrobial sequencingEpigeneticsPacBio/Nanopore sequencingOthers (please specify)