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Novogene Collaborates with Top-tier Clinical Interpretation Company N-of-One in China for Genomic Analysis to Optimize Cancer Patients’ Individualized Therapy

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August 4, 2015 – Novogene Bioinformatics Technology Co. Ltd and N-of-One, Inc., the leading provider of clinical interpretation for precision medicine in oncology, announced a new partnership today. With this new partnership, N-of-One will provide clinical interpretation for Novogene’s comprehensive oncology panel – NovoPM™. This is the first time in China that the Novogene Medical Business Division is collaborating with an international, leading clinical interpretation company. This partnership will greatly increase the physician’s understanding of how to best address each patient’s cancer treatment.

N-of-One is the leader in clinical interpretation for precise medicine in oncology. The N-of-One on-staff team of scientists and part-time oncologists have interpreted thousands of tumors for pathologists and oncologists worldwide, through partnerships with leading diagnostic companies (such as CellNetix, Neogenomics and CompanionDx) and top-tier specialized cancer institutions (Mayo Clinic and Intermountain Healthcare). With the contribution of N-of-One, NovoPM™ will comprehensively support the identification of potential cancer personalized therapies for each patient. We expect that there will be more and more Chinese cancer patients who can benefit from NovoPM™.

NovoPM™ is a comprehensive genomic profiling and personalized consulting product that applies next-generation sequencing to identify genomic alterations in cancer, such as lung cancer, colorectal cancer, digestive tract cancer and so on. The diagnostic test simultaneously sequences the coding region of 483 cancer-related genes plus introns from 19 genes often rearranged or altered in cancer. We will identify genomic alterations, which have an intimate connection with the occurrence and progression of many tumors.

Using the identified genomic alterations, N-of-One will deliver detailed scientific and clinical evidence that analyzes possible therapeutic strategies for each case. N-of-One information includes drug sensitivity, drug resistance, and potential combination therapies.

Compared with traditional pathology and molecular detection, NovoPM™ offers more potential benefits for cancer patients to help guide a tailored treatment approach using targeted therapies. In addition, the experienced Novogene team will provide consultation services for the gene test report. Our services will help better understanding the results, which will help to optimize the oncologist’s treatment plan.


The partnership with N-of-One, the top-tier clinical interpretation company, demonstrates Novogene’s determination to apply next-generation sequencing in human health, especially in cancer genomic profiling test. Novogene always focuses on the utilization of high-throughput sequencing, biology and computer science to exploit life science and medical application. The company has become the industry leader of life science application in China. Novogene entered the market of human health in 2013. Then in 2014, Novogene Medical Business Division was formally founded. The strategic cooperative partnerships with Life Technologies and N-of-One have been established in 2015. Novogene has greatly increased its influence and reputation in human health, especially in tumor individualized diagnosis today.

About Novogene
Established in 2011, Novogene Bioinformatics Technology Co. Ltd is the leading provider of genomics research and application in China through a combination of world-class research team, high-throughput genomics platforms, and in-depth bioinformatics analysis. Novogene has branches all over the world including America, England, etc. Novogene always focuses on the utilization of next generation sequencing, biology and computer science to exploit life science and medical application, and with advanced research to support a variety of applications including agricultural, pharmaceutical, food safety, environmental and so on.

About Novogene Medical Business Division
Novogene Medical Business Division is a branch of the corporation. It mainly provides comprehensive genomic profiling, clinical investigations and interpretation, personalized consulting product that apply next-generation sequencing to identify genomic alterations in cancer, including prevention, diagnosis, treatment and recurrence. Novogene Medical Business Division has already invested billions of RMB to build CLIA-standard, high-complexity labs. It has established partnerships and collaborations with leading foreign and domestic medical institutions. Our goal is to help more and more domestic cancer patients benefit from tumor individualized treatment.

About N-of-One
N-of-One, a leader in enabling precision medicine for oncology, leverages its world-class team of experts coupled with a highly proprietary platform that allows us to provide clinical solutions and services, such as molecular interpretation, to clinicians at the point of care. N-of-One’s team of experts has interpreted thousands of samples for oncologists and patients worldwide, through partnerships with leading diagnostic companies, hospital systems, directly to oncologists and through employee access benefit.