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Novogene Celebrating the Launch of the NovaSeq Fleet
'HiSeq X
Novogene Advantages

  • World’s largest capacity
  • Unbeatable pricing
  • Industry leading data quality guarantee
  • Fast turnaround: deliver data within 2 WEEKS after samples pass library QC
Promotion Platforms

  • Full lane sequencing on HiSeq X
  • Full flow cell sequencing on NovaSeq
Services Included

  • Illumina platform sequencing (PE150)
  • Sequencing data quality control
  • Sequencing data delivered in FASTQ files
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  • Data output and number of reads may vary depending on client library quality
  • Applies to whole genome sequencing, RNA sequencing and exome sequencing

  • Library preparation and data analysis services available at additional cost
  • Promotion valid through December 31, 2017