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NovaSeq Data Quality Evaluation


novaseq 6000
NovaSeq Data Quality Evaluation & Comparison with HiSeq X
In early 2017, Novogene was among the first sequencing service providers to adopt Illumina’s powerful new NovaSeq sequencing systems, adding 25 NovaSeq 6000 sequencers to our existing array of 30 HiSeq X systems. Novogene now offers the largest and most advanced sequencing capacity in the world with an annual throughput of 280,000 whole human genomes.

As an industry leader, and to ensure that our customers continue to receive the highest level of data quality and reliability they have come to expect from Novogene, we conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the NovaSeq platform. Our evaluation compared the consistency between NovaSeq and HiSeq X whole genome sequencing data, and assessed the quality of whole genome and transcriptome data generated on NovaSeq using single- and dual-indexed libraries.  

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