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NovaSeq RNA-Seq Promotion - $189/sample ≥ 24 samples per batch

Novogene Advantages:

• Two-week turnaround time, after library QC confirmation
• Complementary data QC
• High quality data delivered as FASTQ file, at a competitive price
• Extensive expertise in NGS services and solutions

Service Highlights:

• Applications range from Whole Genome to Epigenetic and Transcriptome sequencing projects
• Premade library samples only
• Platform: Novaseq 6000
• Flow cell and sequencing strategy: S4(PE150)

Promotion Terms:

• Promotion valid for samples and PO arriving before June 30, 2019
• Data analysis is available at additional cost


NovaSeq RNA-Seq Promotion - $189/sample ≥ 24 samples per batch

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Only for North and South America