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Newpromotion-NovaSeq S4

For researchers preparing libraries themselves, Novogene ensures the highest quality data with competitive prices and industry-leading turnaround times to meet your budget and deadline.

Novogene Advantages:

  • Competitive prices
  • 8-working-day-turnaround time after library QC confirmation
  • Complementary data QC with data quality exceeding illumina benchmarks
  • Extensive expertise in Next-Generation Sequencing(NGS)
    services and solutions

Service Highlights:

  • Pre-made library samples only
  • Platform: NovaSeq 6000-S4
  • Sequencing strategy: PE150
  • Data output: approximate 750Gb (2500M reads) per lane
  • Data delivered in FASTQ files
  • Order by lane
  • Applications range from Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS)
    to epigenetic sequencing


  • Data output may vary depending on the the quality of the library
  • Promotion valid for samples and POs arriving before December 25, 2019
  • Data analysis is available at an additional cost
* Only for research use in North and South America.

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