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RRBS Price Flyer

RRBS is an accurate, efficient, and economical method for DNA methylation research. Enrichment of promoter and CpG island regions by enzymatic cleavage (Msp I), combined with Bisulfite sequencing, provides high resolution DNA methylation detection.

Novogene Advantages:

  • Scalable capacity of sequencing
  • High quality data with competitive prices
  • Comprehensive data analysis

Service Specifications:

  • Includes library preparation and sequencing
  • Data Output: 10G/sample
  • Sequencing Platform & Strategy: Illumina Platform, paired-end 150 bp
  • Comprehensive analysis available at an additional Cost: $120/sample
  • Only applicable for non-bisulfite treated human, mouse, or rat samples

* Only for research use in North and South America

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