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Human Whole Exome Promotion

Sequencing the HUMAN EXOME is more cost effective than whole genome sequencing, and Novogene’s new Human Whole Exome Sequencing (hWES) promotion makes it even more viable, with access to all of Novogene’s advantages!

Novogene Advantages:

  • Scalable Sequencing Capacity
  • Industry-Leading Data Quality Guarantee (Q30>80%)
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Comprehensive Data Analysis

Service Highlights:

  • PE150 Reads from Illumina Platform
  • Validated Agilent SureSelect Human All Exon V6 Kit
  • Data QC, Mapping, SNP / InDel Calling, Annotation, and Statistics, plus Somatic SNP / InDel / CNV (for Paired Tumor Samples) Analyses Available
  • Data Output: 6Gb / Sample

Promotion Terms

  • Only applicable for non-FFPE human samples
  • Promotion valid for samples arriving before December 24th, 2019

* Substantial promotion for pre-made library sequencing is available.

* Only for research use in North and South America.

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