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hWGS Promotion

Combined with rapid turnaround time and our unrivaled level of bioinformatic support, Novogene ensures meeting your project deadline with the highest quality data and publication-ready results.

Novogene Advantages:

  • Scalable Sequencing Capacity
  • Industry-leading Data Quality Guarantee (Q30>80%)
  • Competitive Prices
  • Extensive In-house Bioinformatic Expertise

Service Highlights:

  • Library Preparation and Sequencing Included
  • Sequencing Platform & Strategy: NovaSeq, PE150
  • Data Output: 90Gb / Sample
  • Standard and Advanced Analysis Options Available

Promotion terms:

  • Promotion valid for samples arriving before Dec 24th, 2019
  • Only available for research use in USA and Canada
  • Substantial promotion for human whole exome sequencing is available

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