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Genomic Solutions

Novogene offers a broad array of next generation sequencing services for a wide spectrum of sample types. Through their various scientific endeavors, our scientists are highly experienced and expert in the use of NGS and the analysis of data generated. We have performed approximately 10,000 projects on countless samples in just four years with results of the highest quality; data from these projects has been published in numerous articles in prestigious journals. Using leading-edge technology and applying our bioinformatics expertise, we generate publication ready results for the research success of our customers doing biomedical, agricultural, and environmental research. With our world-leading capacity, including the Illumina HiSeq X Ten System, we are able to run projects of even the largest size and we perform all of these services at highly competitive and cost-effective prices.

Genomic Solutions - Human Genome Sequencing

Human Genome Sequencing:

Novogene offers several methods to analyze human genomes.

  • Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS): Using the Illumina HiSeq X Ten, we have successfully sequenced hundreds of thousands of genomes with high quality results. The capacity of the X Ten, our extensive experience with it, and our bioinformatics capabilities will enable us to expertly meet customer needs for executing large projects with timely turn-around.
  • Whole Exome Sequencing (WES): Novogene has completed numerous WES projects rapidly and effectively. Our standard bioinformatic analysis is much more extensive and expertly executed than that of other service providers. The analysis includes somatic SNV and InDel analysis for tumor/normal pairs, and functional annotations using the ExAC database, which incorporates the data from over 60,000 people, enhancing its effectiveness.
Genomic Solutions - Gene Regulation

Gene Regulation:

  • mRNA Seq: Novogene has sequenced >100,000 samples in over 7,600 completed RNA sequencing projects. We also give our customers free access to NovofinderTM. This powerful software enables them to easily obtain and review the analysis we have performed.
  • lncRNA Seq: Long non-coding RNAs have been associated with important cellular processes. Our bioinformatics team, composed entirely of PhD level scientists, provides comprehensive analysis for both lncRNA and mRNA, enabling access to both sets of information in a single sequencing run.
  • Small RNA Sequencing: Novogene offers comprehensive small RNA sequencing and bioinformatics analysis services for miRNA and other types of small RNAs, including siRNA and piRNA.
  • Iso-Seq on PacBio: Isoform sequencing provides full-length reads spanning the entire transcript isoforms from the polyA-tail to the 5’ end, made possible by the long reads available with PacBio SMRT technology. Novogene offers complete solutions for full-length transcript sequencing using combined Illumina and PacBio Sequel platforms.
  • Whole Genome Bisulfite Sequencing: DNA methylation plays a crucial role in the development of most types of cancer, neurodegenerative diseases and neurological diseases. Novogene is one of the few companies offering whole genome bisulfite sequencing as a service, a useful tool for focus on specific tissues or the dynamic development process.
  • ChIP-Seq: ChIP-Seq provides genome-wide profiling of DNA targets for histone modification, transcription factors, and other DNA-associated proteins. Novogene provides you with high quality sequencing and comprehensive bioinformatics analysis for your ChIP-Seq project.
Genomic Services - SIngle Cell Sequencing

Single Cell Sequencing:

Advances in whole-genome amplification and Novogene’s expertise have made single cell sequencing more readily accomplished. Novogene is uniquely capable in single cell sequencing with publications in top journals such as Science and Nature. We perform amplification, library construction, sequencing and analysis, all with unsurpassed excellence.

  • Single Cell DNA Sequencing: One can examine genomic heterogeneity which occurs in both normal and disease development. This can be applied to studies of a wide range of cell types including germ cells, tumor cells, stem cells, neurons and immune cells.
  • Single Cell RNA Sequencing: Single cell sequencing greatly enhances transcriptome profiling of a single cell at high resolution, which enables scientists to unravel the mechanism of how individual cells respond to different signals under diverse conditions.
Genomic Solutions - Animal Plant

Animal and Plant Solutions:

  • Animal & Plant Whole Genome Resequencing: Novogene uses cutting-edge NGS platforms and expert bioinformatics services to unravel the underlying mechanisms of species origin, development, growth and evolution for plants and animals at the genomic level. We detect and report on SNP’s, InDels, SV, CNV and transposons.
  • Pan-Genome: Applying NGS and advanced assembly algorithms makes the construction of pan-genome map feasible. Constructing genome maps for several individuals provides unprecedented opportunities to investigate detailed genetic diversity at the population level.
  • de novo Sequencing: This service enables the construction of the first genome map of the species being studied. Dr. Li’s expertise in this area, the proprietary software that we have developed and use in our analysis, and our extensive experience make Novogene a world-leader in this application with important publications and projects having already been completed.
Genomic Services - Microbial Genome

Microbial Genome:

  • de novo Sequencing: Microbial de novo sequencing provides a fresh start for studying microbial populations and helps develop applications for microbes in medicine, agriculture, and the environment. Novogene is highly experienced in this area, with over 2,000 completed microbial sequencing projects.
  • Amplicon Sequencing: Amplicon sequencing services focus on specific amplicons of a certain length generated by PCR or by capture. These specific amplicons include 16S rDNA, 18S rDNA, and ITS rDNA. Novogene has analyzed more than 170,000 microbial samples, resulting in 30 publications to date.
  • Metagenomic sequencing: Metagenomics investigates complex microbial communities without the need for culturing. Novogene helps customers to investigate their genetic repertoire and identify species, genes, and pathways simultaneously. We have successfully performed hundreds of metagenomic projects.