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World’s Largest Capacity
25 NovaSeq 6000, 30 HiSeq X, and 20 PacBio Sequel
Sequencing labs in California, China, and Singapore

High Quality Data & Affordable Prices
Q30 80%, exceeding Illumina’s official guarantee
Fast turnaround
100,000+ samples sequenced

Comprehensive Data Analysis
Transcriptome analysis and RNA-Seq quantification
to discover novel transcripts, differential
expressions, and function annotations

Substantial discount available for a full NovaSeq flowcell (>1000 GB)

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novaseq 6000
Promotion valid through September 30, 2018, for Americas customers only!
Pipeline for Transcriptome Analysis

Pipeline for RNA Sequencing Service Transcriptome
Pipeline for RNA-Seq Quantification
Pipeline for RNA Sequencing Service Quantification