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Full-Length 16S Amplicon Metagenomic Sequencing

This season, Novogene takes advantage of the Single Molecule Real Time (SMRT) technology, bringing you an innovation approach to the study of bacterial taxonomy and phylogeny of an environmental sample –
the Full-Length 16S Genes Metagenomics sequencing.

Unlike the conventional, this method overcomes the limitations associated with short reads (e.g. shattered gene distribution and minor hypervariable region coverage) and enables the strain level resolution, so you can have data with greater accuracy at higher throughput to characterize your microbiome communities.

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Key Features and Advantages

Longest Average Read Lengths
Fragmentation free amplification enables easy reading of full-length 16S genes, erasing GC bias associated with short read sequencing.

Highest Consensus Accuracy
Guaranteed >99.9% single-molecule sequencing accuracy enables more accurate species classification and less abundant species discovery.

Clean Reads Delivery in WBI Option*
Our advanced filters are capable of removing primers and chimeras in raw reads. 5,000 or 10,000 clean CCS reads per sample enables more efficient data analysis (*Clean reads are delivered only for WBI projects)

Updated Analysis Software
Amplicon Sequence Variants (ASV) generated from QIIME 2 can infer the biological sequences in the sample prior to the introduction of amplification and distinguish sequence variants differing by as little as one nucleotide.

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Sample Requirements

Project Workflow

Standard Analysis Pipeline

Case Study – High-throughput amplicon sequencing of the Full-Length 16S rRNA gene with single-nucleotide resolution (Callahan et al, 2019)

High-throughput amplicon sequencing methodology based on PacBio circular consensus sequencing and the DADA2 sample inference method are able to measure the full-length 16S rRNA gene with single-nucleotide resolution and a near-zero error rate.

The Full-Length 16S Gene sequences recovered by our approach allowed Escherichia coli (E. coli) strains to be correctly classified to the O157:H7 and K12 sub-species clades. For human fecal samples, our method showed strong technical reproducibility and was able to recover the full complement of 16S rRNA alleles in several E. coli strains.

Clients’ Publications

The following features our research collaborations with clients on our services and solutions to provide Full-Length 16S rRNA Metagenomics sequencing.

Promotions Terms and Conditions

1. The special 50% off promotion for the Full-length 16S Genes Metagenomics Sequencing is applicable to customers who are residing in the Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa regions.
2. A minimal value of USD 500 in a single Purchase Order is required to qualify for the promotion.
3. Promotion ends 30 September 2020, based on PO or samples received by Novogene.
4. Novogene reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this promotion at any time without prior notice.


Callahan B J, Wong J , Heiner C , et al. High-throughput amplicon sequencing of the full-length 16S rRNA gene with single-nucleotide resolution[J]. Nucleic Acids Research, 2019, 47(18).