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Free Webinar Europe

Data & Time:
25th June 2020, 10.00 BST

Generation Sequencing (NGS) allows in-depth analysis of the microbes in the human body and surroundings. Clinical Microbiomics and Novogene offer one of the world’s leading microbiome NGS services. In this webinar, experts from Clinical Microbiomics will describe both the basics and examples of some of the latest tools in the microbiome field. We will cover steps from sample collection through shotgun metagenomics sequencing to in-depth data analysis with insights to microbiome-host interactions and mechanisms of actions.


Data & Time: 11th June 2020, 10.00 BST

DescriptionNovogene provides comprehensive sequencing and bioinformatic analysis to target different types of RNA. In this webinar, we will cover the analysis pipeline for Eukaryotic mRNA-seq in detail, and give you an overview of the data release package. Additionally, a brief introduction of analysis content for various Eukaryotic ncRNA-seq and Prokaryotic RNA-seq will be provided along with a case study to demonstrate a real world example.

Data & Time: 28th May 10.00 BST/11.00 CET

DescriptionThe publication of the first draft of the human genome in 2001 was a milestone in the genetics field. The following decades saw a dramatic evolution in sequencing strategies and platforms leading to the discovery of some of the most relevant features in our genetic material. Since its foundation, Novogene has been a leader in NGS, with human Whole Genome Sequencing and Whole Exome Sequencing some of our most requested services. In this webinar, you will learn about workflows for both WGS and WES along with bioinformatics analysis options for your data. You will get an overview of different strategies and potential applications suitable for WGS and WES such as biomarker detection, genetic disease studies, cancer research and human population evolution studies, among others.

Data & Time: 21st May 2020, 10.00 BST

Description(SPANISH)Novogene proporciona secuenciación integral y análisis bioinformático para secuenciar diferentes tipos de ARN. En este seminario web cubriremos en detalle el pipeline de análisis para la secuenciación de mRNA eucariota y le brindaremos una descripción general del contenido que encontrará tras la liberación de los datos. Además, se proporcionará una breve introducción del análisis para varios ncRNA-seq eucariotas y RNAseq de procariotas.

Data & Time: May 14, 2020 10:00 London

DescriptionNext Generation Sequencing (NGS) has transformed the biological sciences field due to its ultra-high throughput, scalability and speed. Novogene, as one of the world’s leading NGS service providers, has made significant contributions to advancing human health, agriculture, and environmental protection. In this webinar, we will go over some basic NGS concepts which will help you to discover more about this technique and how our services can help you meet your research objectives.