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Exome Promotion

Human Whole Exome Sequencing Promotion

Advancing Human Whole Exome Sequencing
with the Newest Agilent Capture Kit


• High quality data

Illumina HiSeq PE150,
Q30 ≥ 80%,
6G raw data guaranteed

• Latest capture kit

Agilent SureSelect Human
All Exon V6 Kit (58M)

• Wide-range of samples

Accepting blood, saliva,
FFPE and fresh samples

Promotion valid through January 31, 2017. Minimal order: 5 Samples

Turnaround time: 22 working days after samples pass QC (for ≤ 20 samples)

Comprehensive Analysis Available at an Additional $49/Sample


Employing widely-accepted open software
Data quality control
Alignment with reference, statistics of sequencing depth
and coverage
BWA, MEM, Samtools, Picard
SNP and InDel calling, annotation and statistics GATK, ANNOVAR
Somatic SNP/InDel/CNV calling, annotation and statistics
(for paired tumor samples)
SNP: MuTect
InDel: Strelka
CNV: Control-FREEC
Annotation: ANNOVAR
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