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How to Order

Request a Quote: clinical@novogene.com

Contact us at clinical@novogene.com to request a quote.

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Requisition and Informed Consent

  • Each specimen must be accompanied by a completed WES Requisition Form signed by the ordering physician.
  • Informed consent should be signed by the patient.
  • All information should be clear and accurate.

Billing Information

  • Institutional billing or patient pre-pay.
  • For institutional billing, a Purchase Order should be received by Novogene before service is initiated. Client should make the payment within 30 days of invoice date.
  • For first-time clients, we will need to receive pre-payment to establish the credit history.

Specimen Requirements

  • We accept whole blood, buccal swab, saliva, and extracted DNA (from whole blood, Buccal swabs, or saliva) for gemline WES.
Specimen Type Collection Tubes Amount & Quality Tube Label (print)
Whole Blood EDTA (Purple-top) Tube Fill tube completely (Minimum ≥ 2 mL) Name and Date of Birth Collection Date
Buccal Swab Gentra Puregene Buccal Cell Kit For right-handed individuals, inner left-cheek swabbed for 30 seconds on the relevant innermouth surface. Name and Date of Birth
Collection Date
For left-handed individuals, right inner-cheek s wabbed for 30 seconds on the relevant innermouth surface.
Saliva Oragene® OG-D600 collecting tubes 2 mL Name and Date of Birth, Collection Date
Extracted DNA 1.5 mL Micro Tube (Screw Top) PCR-PT Send at least 1 µg of purified DNA Minimal volume ≥ 20 µL
Minimal concentration ≥ 20 ng/µL
Name and Date of Birth
Sample ID

Shipping Instructions

Specimen Type Packaging Requirement Shipping Conditions
Whole Blood
Buccal Swab
1. Place the tube / kit in a small bubble wrap envelope.
2. Place bubble-wrapped tube in a biohazard bag.
3. Place biohazard bag into a small cardboard box.
4. Place cardboard box into FedEx package.
Ship ambient (18℃~26℃) by overnight courier.
Do not heat or freeze.
Extracted DNA 1.Securely place DNA tubes in a secondary container, such as a 50ml tube or a box with interior racks/holders.
2.Cotton and absorbent papers can be used to prevent tubes from moving around inside the container.
3.Place the package into a small cardboard box filled with dry ice.
4.Place the cardboard box into FedEx package.
Ship in dry ice by overnight courier.

For shipment to the US Novogene laboratory:

  • Novogene Corporation Inc.
  • ATTN: Sample Receiving – Changhong Xu
  • 2921 Stockton Blvd., Ste. #1810
  • Sacramento, CA, 95817
  • Tel: 916-701-5130

For shipment to the Tianjin Novogene Med Lab, contact your technical support for the shipping address.

  • 1.Contact FedEx or DHL for Overnight Next Business Day shipping, and avoid weekend delivery.
  • 2.Please contact your Technical Support to notify them of the shipment, and send them the package tracking information, WES requisition form and patient signed informed consent.