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Comprehensive Clinical Exome Solutions for Genetic Testing

  • High-quality WES services, bioinformatic analysis, and interpretation.
  • Fast turnaround time at a highly competitive price.
  • Customized data file types and reports.

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Whole Exome SequencingDNA ExtractionLibrary PrepSequencing
Bioinformatic PlatformData Quality ControlAlignmentVariant Calling & Annotation
InterpretationVariant Evaluation & AssertionTest Report & Sign-off
  • Performed at Novogene CAP-accredited or CLIA-certified Laboratories.
  • Data quality with high on-target reads percentage and coverage uniformity.
  • Fast Turnaround Time.
  • Knowledge-driven NGS analysis, interpretation, and reporting platform based on the GeneCards Suit Knowledge base from > 120 data sources and Novogene’s in-house database.
  • Rapid diagnosis of causal mutations, and prioritization of variants based on their association with patients’ phenotypes.
  • Evaluation of variants with respect to pathogenicity and causality, which are categorized according to ACMG guidelines.
  • Report includes primary findings related to patients’ phenotypes, medical actionable secondary findings, as well as carrier status for autosomal recessive disorders.
  • Clinical interpretation is provided following international bestpractice guidelines.

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Implement highly complex genetic testing without expensive equipment purchases, validations, or any other associated costs.

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Be a one-stop shop and expand your product offerings with our wet-lab capabilities, providing sequencing data quality you can trust.

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Disclaimer: This test is not available in New York state.