Leading Edge Genomic Services & Solutions

Highest Quality NGS Results, Leading-Edge Technology

  • Guaranteed Q30 Quality Score That Exceeds Illumina’s Guarantee
  • Expert Scientific Staff: 20,000 Projects Successfully Completed
  • Premium, Leading-Edge NGS Technology: NovaSeq, HiSeq, and PacBio Sequel
  • Supercomputing to Analyze 280,000 Whole Genomes per year

High quality data is critical for obtaining optimal research results. As a leading genome sequencing company with 10,000+ global customers, Novogene offers a track record of performance reliability. An experienced and expert staff of NGS scientists and State-of-the-Art NGS systems enable us to deliver data of unsurpassed quality that has been published in nearly 1,000 articles in prestigious journals such as Science and Nature.

Advanced Data Analysis for Projects of All Sizes

  • Unmatched Informatics Skills Yields Publication-Ready Results
  • Expert NGS Analysis, Extensive Support to Meet Your Needs
  • Unsurpassed NGS Capacity to Deliver on Even the Largest Projects
  • Rapid Project Turn-Around at Highly Competitive Prices

Novogene is not only a sequencing company but also an expert in Bioinformatic analysis, Novogene is THE leader in providing NGS services AND premier analysis. > 40% of our staff are bioinformaticians who collaborate with customers to optimize and customize results to meet their needs. With one of the largest NGS capacities in the world, we are able to rapidly deliver outstanding results on projects of any size.