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Testimonial – Jan Vijg

“We’re very happy with the excellent level of service we’ve received from Novogene. Our research focuses on aging and its relation to genomic stability and we frequently use Novogene’s whole genome, RNA, and bisulfite sequencing services to support our research. We are always impressed with the high quality data they provide as well as their highly competitive prices. Their turnaround times are also much faster than other sequencing labs we have tried in the past. We have been extremely satisfied with Novogene and will continue to use their services in the future.”

Testimonial – Wenhui Hu

“We did whole genome sequencing plus advanced bioinformatics analysis using Novogene earlier this year. I am very satisfied with their professional, skillful and high-quality services. In particular, the bioinformatics knowledge and expertise in the project team were very impressive. They provided great support, rapid turn-around, and pricing that enables us to do more science with our limited budget. I really appreciate their willingness and ability to explore more advanced bioinformatics analysis to meet the specific requirements of my projects. With these in mind, I have initiated two additional RNA-Seq projects with them and recommended two collaborators to use Novogene’s sequencing service.”

Testimonal – Justin Loe

“I am extremely satisfied with the quality and turn-around of the WGS results Novogene delivered. They have outstanding informatics/analysis, highly responsive and effective support, advanced Illumina technology (such as the X Ten), all at highly competitive prices.”

Testimonial Tim Heupink

“I have been getting great results with Novogene NGS for a wide variety of samples; ranging from highly degraded, ancient animal DNA samples to longer, fresh human DNA samples. Their rapid turn-around time keeps our projects moving at a fast pace and they have quick-to-respond, expert support when required.”

Testimonial – Heroen Verbruggen

“I just wanted to get back to you to say that we were very satisfied with the work Novogene has done for us, in terms of quality of the results, timeliness of getting us the results, and efficient communication. That means you can expect to get more business from us in the future.”

Testimonial Francisco J. Ruiz-Ruano Compana

“We have downloaded all the files you provided us and the preliminary analysis is consistent with what is known of this species. We are very satisfied with the quality and responsiveness of your service! We look forward to conducting more projects with you in the future.”

Testimonial – Agnieszka Malecka

“Thank you very much for your work with my project! I was very satisfied with the data quality. My samples were whole genome amplified but the sequencing results were much better than what I expected from this type of amplified DNA. I will definitely choose your company for future NGS projects.”