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New RNA-Seq Promotion

NovaSeq RNA-Seq Promotion - $189/sample ≥ 24 samples per batch
World’s Largest Capacity
25 NovaSeq 6000, 30 HiSeq X, and 20 PacBio Sequel
Sequencing labs in California, China, and Singapore

High Quality Data & Affordable Prices
Q30 80%, exceeding Illumina’s official guarantee
100,000+ samples sequenced & fast turnaround

Comprehensive Data Analysis
Transcriptome analysis and RNA-Seq quantification

Alternative offer for ≥ 24 samples:
Free bioinformatics analysis with $199/sample

$199/sample for projects with < 24 samples

Substantial discount available for a full NovaSeq flowcell

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novaseq 6000

Promotion valid through December 31, 2018, for Americas customers only!
Pricing applies to eukaryotic samples only.

Pipeline for Transcriptome Analysis

Pipeline for RNA Sequencing Service Transcriptome
Pipeline for RNA-Seq Quantification
Pipeline for RNA Sequencing Service Quantification

Meta-omics Promotion

Meta-Omics Promotion

Explore microbial diversity with Novogene’s NGS expertise

Meta-omics Promotion

Bioinformatics Analysis for all Meta-Omics Projects

Promotional pricing available for 12 GB Data too!


The Novogene Advantage

Successfully completed thousands of metagenomic sequencing projects

Wide range of samples accepted: water, soil, human

End-to-end Service

High-quality sequencing, efficient workflow, and bioinformatics analysis at a cost-effective price

Comprehensive Analysis

Comprehensive analysis of community composition and function

Intra-group and inter-group comparative analysis

Deep functional annotation (KEGG, eGGNOG, and CAZy)

Integrative DNA & RNA analysis

novaseq 6000

Promotion valid until December 31st, 2018, for Americas customers only.

Novogene UK Lab is Ready


Novogene UK Lab is Ready


> Ultra-high-throughput > Excellent quality > Cost-effective > Fast turnaround


  1. Sample shipment or full payment receival before 15th September.
  2. Data output and number of reads may vary depending on your library quality.
  3. Discount is applied for full lane or full flowcell sequencing on NovaSeq.

Notes: Our UK lab is also ready for your samples for whole human genome sequencing (WGS) and animal/plant genome sequencing.

Please contact us for further information.

Promotion valid for European customers only


Novogene (UK) Company Limited
Building 250, Short Wing Ground Floor
Babraham Research Campus
Cambridge, CB22 3AT
United Kingdom
Email: europe@novogene.com

novaseq 6000

PacBio Summer Promotion

Novogene has the largest fleet of both PacBio and Illumina platforms. We are excited about Illumina’s acquisition of Pacific Biosciences and committed to utilizing the latest sequencing technology to provide high-quality data to our customers.
Novogene Advantages
  • The world’s largest SMRT sequencing capacity – 20 PacBio Sequel systems
  • Deep experience – In 2017, we sequenced 500 Iso-Seq samples, as well as 1200 PacBio libraries for 400 projects, generating 45 Tb of data
  • Expert bioinformatics analysis
  • Diverse sequencing strategies combining PacBio Sequel with additional platforms
Featured PacBio Services
Bioinformatics Analysis for Iso-Seq Projects
Novogene Customer Publications
Zhang, G. Q. et al. 2017. The Apostasia genome and the evolution of orchids.
Nature 549(7672): 379.

Li, Y. et al. 2017. Scallop genome reveals molecular adaptations to semi-sessile life and neurotoxins.
Nature Communications 8(1): 1721.

Zhao, G. et al. 2017. The Aegilops tauschii genome reveals multiple impacts of transposons.
Nature Plants 3(12): 946.

Promotion valid until December 31st, 2018, for Americas customers only
877-230-9060 | support@novogene.com | en.novogene.com

Whole Genome Sequencing Services


Whole Genome Sequencing Services

World’s Largest Sequencing Capacity

30 HiSeq X and 25 NovaSeq 6000 sequencers deliver rapid turnaround time

Extensive Whole Genome Sequencing Experience

Successfully sequenced hundreds of thousands of genomes

Informatics Expertise Providing Publication-Ready Results

Cutting-edge bioinformatics pipeline for SNP/InDel/CNV/SV detection

High Quality Guaranteed – Q30 Score Exceeds Illumina’s Official Standards

Sample Type Raw Data (Gb) Q20 (%) Q30 (%) GC Content (%)
Human 100.32 97.61 94.30 42.67
Human 101.08 97.28 93.56 41.47
Human 102.60 96.85 93.85 41.39
Human 100.37 97.00 92.97 41.54
Human 113.12 96.89 92.73 41.40


Promotion valid for Americas customers only
Your Partner in the “X” Era of Whole Genome Sequencing

Novogene is a leading provider of genomic services and solutions with cutting edge NGS and bioinformatics expertise that enables our customers to achieve their research goals. We possess the largest NGS capacities in the world, delivering publication ready data rapidly at highly competitive pricing.

Novogene offers a track record of performance and reliability. We have completed nearly 20,000 projects for more than 10,000 global customers, and have had over 1850 customer research papers published, often in top-ranked journals such as Nature and Science.

Novogene - HiSeq X Ten

Human Whole Exome Sequencing Promotion


• High quality data

Illumina PE150, Q30 ≥ 80%, 6G or 12G raw data guaranteed

• Latest capture kit

Agilent SureSelect Human
All Exon V6 Kit (58M)

• Extraordinary expertise

>2,000 exome projects completed
World’s largest capacity

Turnaround time: 22 working days after samples pass QC (for samples ≤ 30)



Comprehensive Analysis Available at an Additional $49/Sample

Employing widely-accepted open software
Data quality control Rigorous in-house pipeline
Alignment with reference, statistics of
sequencing depth and coverage
BWA, Samtools, Picard
SNP and InDel calling,
annotation and statistics
Somatic SNP/InDel/CNV calling,
annotation and statistics

(for paired tumor samples)
SNP: MuTect
InDel: Strelka
CNV: Control-freec
Annotation: ANNOVAR
Data quality control
Alignment with reference, statistics of
sequencing depth and coverage
SNP and InDel calling,
annotation and statistics
Somatic SNP/InDel/CNV calling,
annotation and statistics

(for paired tumor samples)
Employing widely-accepted open software
Rigorous in-house pipeline
BWA, Samtools, Picard
SNP: MuTect
InDel: Strelka
CNV: Control-freec
Annotation: ANNOVAR

NovaSeq Fleet

Novogene Celebrating the Launch of the NovaSeq Fleet
'HiSeq X

Novogene Advantages

  • World’s largest capacity
  • Unbeatable pricing
  • Industry leading data quality guarantee
  • Fast turnaround: deliver data within 2 WEEKS after samples pass library QC

Promotion Platforms

  • Full lane sequencing on HiSeq X
  • Full flow cell sequencing on NovaSeq

Services Included

  • Illumina platform sequencing (PE150)
  • Sequencing data quality control
  • Sequencing data delivered in FASTQ files
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  • Data output and number of reads may vary depending on client library quality
  • Applies to whole genome sequencing, RNA sequencing, and exome sequencing


  • Library preparation and data analysis services available at additional cost