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Novogene is a leading provider of cutting-edge NGS services that generates the highest quality data in this market. The results that we have generated have been included in a substantial number of published articles in prestigious journals. Below is a selected list of publications.


Simultaneous evolutionary expansion and constraint of genomic heterogeneity in multifocal lung cancerPengfei Ma, et al.Nature Communications10/10/2017
Cohesin loss eliminates all loop domainsSuhas S.P. Rao, et al.Cell10/5/2017
Clonality, heterogeneity and evolution of synchronous bilateral ovarian cancerXia Yin, et al.Cancer Research09/28/2017
The Apostasia genome and the evolution of orchidsZhang G, et al.Nature09/13/2017
A critical role of presynaptic cadherin/catenin/p140Cap complexes in stabilizing Spines and functional synapses in the neocortexMin-Yin Li, et al.Neuron06/21/2017
Identification and functional characterization of hypoxia-induced endoplasmic reticulum stress regulating lncRNA (HypERlnc)in pericytesFlorian C. Bischoff, et alCirculation Research06/13/2017
Single-cell RNA-Seq analysis maps development of human germline cells and gonadal niche interactionsLi Li, et al.Cell Stem Cell06/01/2017
Splicing modulators act at the branch point adenosine binding pocket defined by the PHF5A-SF3b complexTeng Teng, et al.Nature Communications05/25/2017
Lineage-specific functions of TET1 in the postimplantation mouse embryoRita Khoueiry, et alNature Genetics05/15/2017
Acquisition and transmission of streptococcus pneumoniae is facilitated during rhinovirus infection in families with childrenSinikka Karppinen, et al.American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine05/10/2017
Population genomics reveals speciation and introgression between Brown Norway rats and their sibling speciesHuajing Teng, et al.Molecular Biology and Evolution05/08/2017
Menin enhances c-Myc-mediated transcription to promote cancer progressionGongwei Wu, et al.Nature Communications05/05/2017
Signatures of adaptation in the weedy rice genomeLin-Feng Li, et al.Nature Genetics04/03/2017
Scallop genome provides insights into evolution of bilaterian karyotype and developmentShi Wang, et al.Nature Ecology & Evolution04/03/2017
Genetic Alterations as Esophageal Tissues From Squamous Dysplasia to Carcinoma Xi Liu, et al. Gastroenterology 03/29/2017
Single-Cell 5-Formylcytosine Landscapes of Mammalian Early Embryos and ESCs at Single-Base ResolutionChenxu Zhu, et al.Cell Stem Cell 03/23/2017
The genetics of tiger pelage color variationsXiao Xu, et al.Cell Research03/10/2017
Faecal microbiota transplantation protects against radiation-induced toxicityMing Cui, et al. EMBO Molecular Medicine 02/27/2017
Gut microbiota dysbiosis contributes to the development of hypertension Jing Li, et al. Microbiome 02/01/2017
Genome-wide Analysis of DNA Methylation Profiles in a Senescence-accelerated Mouse Prone 8Brain using Whole-genome Bisulfite SequencingShuai Zhang, et al.Bioinformatics01/27/2017
JNK1 negatively controls antifungal innate immunity by suppressing CD23 expressionXueqiang Zhao, et al.Nature Medicine01/23/2017
The microbiota maintain homeostasis of liver-resident γδT-17 cells in a lipid antigen/CD1d-dependent manner Fenglei Li, et al. Nature Communications 01/09/2017