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Novogene is a leading provider of cutting-edge NGS services that generates the highest quality data in this market. The results that we have generated have been included in a substantial number of published articles in prestigious journals. Below is a selected list of publications.


Population genomics reveals low genetic diversity and adaptation to hypoxia in snub-nosed monkeysXuming Zhou, et al.Molecular Biology and Evolution07/12/2016
Whole-genome sequencing of native sheep provides insights into rapid adaptations to extreme environmentsJi Yang, et al.Molecular Biology and Evolution06/21/2016
Tracing haematopoietic stem cell formation at single-cell resolutionFan Zhou, et al.Nature05/18/2016
Clonality analysis of multifocal papillary thyroid carcinoma by using genetic profilesZheming Lu, et al.The Journal of Pathology04/01/2016
Elimination of HIV-1 Genomes from Human T-lymphoid Cells by CRISPR/Cas9 Gene EditingRafal Kaminski, et al.Scientific Reports03/04/2016
Genetic dissection of maize plant architecture with an ultra-high density bin map based on recombinant inbred linesZhiqiang Zhou, et al.BMC Genomics03/03/2016
Whole exome sequencing identifies lncRNA GAS8-AS1 and LPAR4 as novel papillary thyroid carcinoma driver alternationsPan W, et al.Human Molecular Genetics03/2016
Population structure and minimum core genome typing of Legionella pneumophilaQin T, et al.Scientific Reports01/2016
Genomic analyses reveal demographic history and temperate adaptation of the newly discovered honey bee subspecies Apis mellifera sinisxinyuan n. ssp.Chen C, et al.Molecular biology and evolution01/2016
Analyses of Long Non-Coding RNA and mRNA profling using RNA sequencing during the pre-implantation phases in pig endometriumWang Y, et al.Scientific Reports01/2016